Masks to Benefit Food Pantry

Masks for Food! $4.00 for each mask sold ($3.00 for small size) will be donated to the Lincoln City Food Pantry. Together we are keeping each other safe and providing food for those affected by COVID-19.

All masks have a generous 32″ length of elastic which can be fashioned to suit the wearer either as over-the-head/behind-the-neck bands or as ear loops. All are made from three layers of cotton yet highly breathable. One layer is a filter pocket allowing easy insertion of a non-woven single-use item such as a paper towel, coffee filter, or Pellon interfacing. All fit securely and are big enough to provide coverage over the nose and under the chin.

Large and Medium masks have a metal band sewn in (unless otherwise noted) allowing for a tighter fit. This also keeps your glasses from fogging. All are machine washable in warm water and can be dried on low heat.

Small masks are suitable for most children from 2-to-8-years-old

Medium masks fit most women, teens, and older children

Large masks fit most men

Remember, cloth masks will not prevent you from contracting any virus. What they will do is help prevent the spread of the disease, if you unknowingly have it, and prevent you from touching a contaminated surface then touching your face.

To order, send an email using the CONTACT ME link at the top of the page.  Payment to be made via PayPal. Lincoln City residents may make arrangements to pick up masks locally. I will ship via USPS Priority mail to anyone in the U.S. Price for shipping depends on the number of masks purchased and will be quoted on request.

More styles will be uploaded as they are produced so check back!



Small mask, Green “monsters.” $6.00, 1 available.

Small mask, Hot Wheels on gray. $6.00, 3 available.

Small mask, red and white stars on a navy background. $6.00, 1 available.

Small mask for a child, pink bicycle print.
2 available, $6.00

Small mask, Aqua floral. 1 available, $6.00



Medium mask, Blue Denim. The cloth is not actual denim but has that appearance. 4 available, $8.00 each


Medium mask, Pinstriped in blue/green/grey/white. 1 available, $8.00



Medium mask, Blue Crosshatch pattern, lined in the blue/green/silver floral seen above. 1 available, $8.00


Medium mask, White dots on a dark red background. $8.00, 2 available.


Medium mask, Pink Leopard print, 1 available. $8.00.


Medium mask, Sheep in black and white
1 available, $8.00


Medium mask, Black & Tan plaid
1 available, $8.00. Also available in large.


Medium mask, Gray background with forest animals, 2 available, $8.00. Also available in large.


Medium mask, Black & Gray “camo.” 1 available, $8.00. Also available in large.



Large mask, Blue Denim. The cloth is not actual denim but has that appearance. 3 available, $8.00 each


Large mask, Pinstriped in blue/green/grey/white. 1 available, $8.00


Large mask, Black and Gray “camo”. 2 available, $8.00


Large mask, Navy blue & white stripe with nose wire.1 available, $8.00


Large mask, Black with forest animals
1 available, $8.00


Last update 2 August 2:30 PM

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