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Always something new

1 Apr
We return frequently to our favorite places. We find the mix of familiar and foreign compelling. So once again we ventured to Venezia, one of the top destinations in Italy for us. We were thrilled, even on our 8th visit, to walk out of the train station and find the Grand Canal at our feet. For those who think Venezia is Disney-esque, has bad food that is over-priced , or is filled with same-old-same-old sites, even after so many visits we made discoveries that deepened our love for this unique city on water.
Artful window grate.

Artful window grate.

New-to-us sites: Scuola di San Marco and Casino Venier. La Scuola di San Marco is a medical museum located near the entrance to the public hospital. Go if only to see the room in which it is housed, a masterpiece in itself. Casino Venier is hard to find. It is a salon, a type of entertainment lounge frequented in the 18th century by the likes of Casanova. Our friends were inspired to select these sites by a Guardian article, “Top 10 free things to see in Venice,” exposing us to some new sites. Despite the title there was, however, a charge to enter the museum.
New-to-us restaurants: La Promessi Sposi, Impronta Cafe, and Osteria di Santa Marina. The first is a small trattoria, crowded, with simple but delicious food, at prices that will make you doubt you are in Venezia. Do make a reservation. The Impronta is a busy lunch stop, so again a reservation makes sense. Here you will find Venetian business people dining on simple fare including salads and sandwiches. Osteria di Santa Marina is fancier, a place to celebrate and a bit of a budget-buster. Excellent food, classic service, a fine place to observe a special occasion, like Ric’s birthday. We have been using this list from The Telegraph to inspire our dining in Venice for a couple of years. So far no losers!
This post is long on pictures and short on words. We introduced good friends from Portland to the wonders of Venezia and completely enjoyed renewing our love affair with La Serenissima.
Click on any photo for a better view, full caption, and a slide show, if you like. 
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